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  1. Collect and collate data, to conduct studies,to co-ordinate, promote and guide research,planning and developmental activities on land use and environment managed by, utilizing optimally, the various available techniques.
  2. To co-ordinate the work relating to use and development of land and its resources ,undertaken by the various Govermental and non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), to provide advice to the user agencies and to disseminate all available information on land, its resources and utilization.
  3. To provide training facilities and to organize seminars, lectures and symposia with a view to create awareness of the application of Remote Sensing Technology and to encourage research studies thereon.
  4. To co-operate and collaborate with other State, National and International level institutions in the fields of Remote Sensing techniques and its applications to undertake inventory,evaluation and monitoring of the natural resources of Kerala and the neighbouring states.

To achieve the objectives, the Centre will :

  1. Build-up a firm database on natural resources and other related information for local and regional level by utilizing the existing data from conventional as well as by other new technological methods.
  2. Conduct trainning courses to officers and staff of Goverment departments and other agencies in the application of new techniques in the field of land and environment management.
  3. Establish and maintain a library of books,periodicals and other documents relating to subjects of interest to the functioning of the centre.
  4. Establish a computer based data storage, processing and retrieval system in collaboration with the National Informatics System to meet the data requirements for the planning and decision making agencies.
  5. Other acts and deeds included to the objectives-All other acts and deeds as are conductive or incidential to the achievement of all or any of the objectives for which the centre is established.

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