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1.What are the services offered by KSREC?

Ans : KSREC provide services in the field of :
         (a) Remote Sensing Applications
         (b) Geographic Information System
         (c) Software Development

2.What are the formats in which digital data supplied?

Ans : Digital data is supplied in the following formats :

3.In which scale are resource information available with KSREC for regional planning ?

Ans : Resource information are available on 1:50,000 and 1:12,500 scales.

4.What are the types of resource data available with KSREC?

Ans : The following types of resource data are available with KSREC :
         1. Land use/Land cover 2. Geomorphology 3. Geology 4. Soil 5. Watersheds 6. Sub watersheds 7. Revenue villages 8. Administrative boundary
          (Panchayat)9. Forest boundary 10. Road networks 11. Drainage system 12. Lineament 13. Well 14. Place 15. Socio-economic data

5.Can soil information be obtained from KSREC?

Ans : Yes.

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